The ultimate on-the-go girl™ Gift Guide

On-the-go girls come in many shapes and sizes with interests as varied as the places they want to go. Let Caboodles help you organize their pastime and give a great gift at the same time. Our carrying cases make the perfect gift box. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Pet Lover

A Caboodle provides the ideal scenario for holding Taffy’s treats. It’s durable enough to withstand curious paws while keeping pet owners organized and ready to head to the dog park at a moment’s notice. Stuff this gift with treats, baggies, toys, collars, leash, etc.

Self Care

Give the gift of relaxation that on-the-go girls rarely give to themselves. Fill a Caboodle with self-care items like a bath bomb, candle, journal, face mask, a good beach read, and some mindfulness tips.

Shooting Star Neat Freak™

Content creator

The Shooting Star Neat Freak is the perfect train case for the influencers in your life. It has the fashion sense to keep her relevant and the organization to keep her moving. Think beyond the selfie stick to props like a planner, confetti, instant cameras, and more.


Inspiration can strike any moment. Gift the on-the-go artist in your life a Caboodle with everything necessary to capture the muse in real time. Fill it with a sketchbook, charcoal pencils, mini canvases, a notepad, and little things of beauty.

Girl Pwr

Even the strongest, most independent women need encouragement to keep being the boss babes they are. Help her power up with a Caboodle full of reminders to let her know you support her vision.

Social Butterfly ultimate on-the-go Girl™

Road trip adventurer

For the ultimate in quick getaways, gift the road tripper in your life a Caboodle that’s ready for the road. Fill it with snacks, old-school maps, a headlamp, some hair ties, car games, and the confirmation number for reservations at a quaint bed and breakfast.

Makeup lover

Want to make the makeup lover in your life grin from ear to ear? Gift a Caboodle full of great makeup. It will already be organized, protected, and ready to carry to the nearest well-lit mirror for the optimal beauty experience.

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