Vintage Caboodles advertisement


Molded from stylish genius to fit the needs of the on-the-go girl, Caboodles invented the entire category of cosmetic organization… inspired by a tackle box.

It all started when necessity and whimsy snapped together. As the legend goes, in 1986, Vanna White was photographed using a Plano® fishing tackle box to stow and organize her makeup collection. With a visionary eye to the future and the need for a functional but fun cosmetics case, Plano Molding Company launched Caboodles in 1987 with the snazzy On-The-Go Girl™ molded from the same functional designs of a tackle box.

When the iconic On-The-Go Girl™ strutted onto the scene, a phenomenon began. Makeup mavens and neat freaks alike snatched cases up to organize all their glamorous collections, and Caboodles of all kinds have been a staple of active organizers everywhere, ever since. Trends constantly change, but the timeless Caboodles case is always coveted for its feel-good nostalgia, retro authenticity and neat legacy.


Caboodles is here to empower a new generation with the tools to organize what they care about. Caboodles gives go-getters of every age, color and creed the organizational creativity to be who they are.

We believe you deserve a colorful life filled with purpose, beauty and joy. We believe that you’re worth organizing. And sometimes a little glam and glitz are all you need to conquer the world.

Vintage Caboodles advertisement